Barb Food Mart Update: April 2017



Special SHOUT OUT to Littlejohn staff and kids! Many of the staff members volunteered to help moms shop for the month of March. On the last Thursday, Andrew Clark and Nikki Schmidt brought their 5th graders over to stock shelves, clean food baskets and do garden clean up as part of LJ's Annual Day of Giving. On top of all of this, they brought boxes of paper goods for the families.   WOO HOO! Thank you!


Save the Date! Give DeKalb County (formerly Give Local) is May 4th. Please support BFM during this 24 hour online giving day. Your donation will make BFM eligible for additional funds from a bonus pool of money donated through DeKalb County Community Foundation.  GDC link is coming your way soon :)


We need to thank:

1. NIU's First and Second Year students for volunteering...2nd year in a row!

2. Cindy Capek for "subbing" for me each month...what a treat!

3. Lizer Family for potato donation..."spud-tacular!"

4. TP Ladies...Denise Curran and Bessie Chronoplous!

5. Brooks' 5th Graders for helping with food delivery last rock!

6.  Woodworking guys for fixing tables, shelves, and've got skills!

7.  NHS kids for watching the little ones while moms shop...we love the "big kids!"

8. CME and KishHealth for good to us!

9. Lesly Feyerharm and the YMCA for super snacks for the kids while moms shop...a HUGE hit!

10. Our volunteers, who pitch right in no matter what the job or the temperature!

Sheryl Nak