Barb Food Mart Update: December


Happy Holidays! 


For the families that braved the bitter cold last Thursday, 50 hams and turkeys were waiting for them. No...I am not talking about the volunteers!  ;) Rather, 15 volunteers and BFM board members donated all of them! Because of them, just about everyone went home with either one (a few no thank yous) for their holiday dinner.  Several of these same volunteers donated the 15 turkeys we raffled off at Thanksgiving, too. BIG, big-hearted people! Thank you!!!


Alloyed Industry donated 800 rolls of toilet paper!  Wow! When the administration talked to their employees about giving to a local charity this year, they suggested BFM!  Woo hoo! We were able to give families more rolls than ever before which made for some happy moms ;)   Thanks, Alloyd!!!!


Denise Curran and Cristy Meyer arranged for Mandie's Mittens to come to BFM on December 1 to distribute coats, snow pants, boots, scarves and/or mittens. Mandie is a 17 year old high school student from Aurora who drives her school bus (yep, that's correct) to area locations to distribute winter gear. She started this project three years ago. Happy and warm kids went home with some of the  275 items that were distributed.   THANK YOU, Denise and Cristy for making this happen! 


A very special thank you to Gloria Crews for her BFM volunteerism! For 3.5 years, Gloria has served on the board of directors and has been the "go to girl" for the registration of families and to train other volunteers.  She has put in many hours each week to make sure BFM runs smoothly at the check-in table.  She has helped to make our families always feel welcomed each week. We wouldn't be where we are today without her help! Enjoy your time off... you have earned it! 


We need to thank:

1. Leah Rowe for organizing and delivering the community food drive...weeks of delivering to us! Thanks to all of the schools, Boy Scouts and churches who donated food items!

2. Bayle family for organizing a canned food's all gone ;)

3. Founders 5th graders for helping with their 2nd make it fun!

4. Lisa Pitney, NIU Education Dept, for t-shirts...6 huge boxes! 

5. Salvation Army for peanut butter...goes with our jelly :)

6. Caroline Collins, Extension, for nutrition info....all good to know! 

7. Kish College for sharing GED and ESL helpful!

8.  Bessie for paper never forget us!

9. Ruth Maher for knitting hats for the kids...gone in no time! 

10. Mike Maher for a car load of paper goods....super duper rolls!

11. Bill Colvin for cereal.... pantry favorite! 

12. Gloria Crews for representing BFM at the Resource Fair at DHS

13. Laury Hallgren, Katie Hallowell and Lea Houdek for donations....just SO generous!

14. First Lutheran for donating their "noisy offering" from the kids...they guessed it was a "billion dollars". ;)

15. Margaret Pasteris for the invitation to share info about BFM with the Methodist Women's Circle Group...thank you for the canned goods!

16. Cortland Staff for participating in the CROP Walk...once again! 

17. YMCA for their canned have helped so often! 

18.  Malta, Brooks and Tyler staffs for volunteering..... you rock!

19. BFM volunteers who brave the cold on delivery days and make everyone feel welcomed as they shop! Can't thank you enough! 


I can't say it enough...people are so good to us!


Happy New Year!